Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heaven help me.

After some consideration--two, three minutes' worth?--I decided to start a blog. Now, I've run a blog before, back when I was hormonally charged and fooling with politics. These days, I tend to avoid politics where possible, and I try to deny I even have emotions. I am also more mature (theoretically) and have more insights and maybe even more to write about than I did before. This blog will probably be filled with life updates, thoughts on LDS doctrine, music reviews, my musical history, poetry, and, heck, whatever I feel like. This is Web 2.0. I own this place.

And my first act of business is wrapping up this post. All those wonderful things I could write about aren't very concrete in my mind right now. But I'll leave a tasty teaser: the Grand Canyon and how I managed to survive Winter 2010 at BYU.

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